Aqua marine

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Same as Aquamarine.

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Ruby, emerald, topaz, aqua marine, flurite, and lais-lazuli gems are found in the valley of Gigit, Hunza, Sawat, Azad Kashmir and Chitral region.
The contract was awarded to Aqua Marine Holidays Private Limited.
Overflowing with an aqua marine palette featuring grapefruit, lemon, lavender and pink pepper, it's ideal for a beach holiday.
Visitors to the beach, which is located adjacent to the aqua marine Crystal Lagoons, will get to do everything from swimming and sea kayaking to playing volleyball and having access to a new Water Park, beach bar and restaurants.
The project is also set to include a 300m long beach, located next to the aqua marine Crystal Lagoons and will offer visitors swimming, paddle boats, sea kayaking, beach volleyball and night time light displays, as well as direct access to a new Water Park, beach bar and restaurants.
Hop across to Ross and Smith twin islands, Lakshmanpur at Neil Island or even the most popular Havelock sands that skirt the island to get ample sun and aqua marine vistas.
Other building-like structures made from cardboard sit on plinths radiating tones of luminous gold and aqua marine.
The Aqua Marine was carrying a large group of tourists from Kanchipuram in India's southern state of Tamil Nadu, the Port Blair official said.
The highlight of the show was bollywood actress Manjari Fadnis who turned the designers muse and showstopper in an aqua marine bridal lengha and a gold bikini choli.
Tropez tan as she lounges on a white board above the aqua marine sea, the Mirror reported.