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About the Newport Restoration Foundation and Rough Point The Newport Restoration Foundation (NRF) is a non-profit institution founded in 1968 by Doris Duke to preserve, maintain, and interpret Aquidneck Island's 18[sup.
Cox will leverage its robust fiber network on Aquidneck Island to provide ultra-high speed Internet services for the Race Village to be located at Fort Adams State Park.
8220;As I mentioned when the sale of “Wyndham” was first announced,” stated Leys, “these sales are signs of good things to come for the high-end/luxury real estate market—not only for Aquidneck Island, but for all of Rhode Island and Southern New England.
4] within the Beaverhead shear zone and to a lesser extent along other faults and shear zones, it is appropriate to compare Pennsylvanian rocks on Conanicut and Aquidneck islands (Fig.
For Civil War buffs and readers interested in the history of medicine, this volume on the internal workings of the Union military hospital on Aquidneck Island provides a unique window into the personal stories of the patients who passed through the facility, as well as the heroes of nineteenth-century medicine who helped them survive gruesome injury and crippling disease.
Throughout the month of June Newport Gulls players and People's employees went into the schools on Aquidneck Island to read to the children and encourage the importance of reading.
on Aquidneck Island, is one of the Navy's greatest duty stations and very well could be one of the Navy's best-kept secrets.
The state is building the bridge because the adjacent arch bridge that connects Aquidneck Island with Tiverton and southeastern Massachusetts is rusted and is barred to vehicles with more than two axles.
In Rhode Island, a tremendous harvest of scallops was described from "The Cove" at the north end of Aquidneck Island both in 1956 and again ~ 1959; intense dredging apparently destroyed the eelgrass beds in this water body and scallops were no longer found after that time (Cavanaugh (3)).
Particularly troubling for environmentalists was a conventional dredged crossing of the Providence River and sizing of the pipeline to provide for future demand on Aquidneck Island.
eClinicalWorks[R], a market leader in ambulatory clinical systems, today announced that five providers from Aquidneck Medical Associates of Newport, Rhode Island were among the first in the state to successfully attest for meaningful use and each have received an $18,000 check from the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the maximum amount allowed for 2011.