Aquidneck Island

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A·quid·neck Island

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Ocean State Healthcare said it will expand its integrated platform of primary care and urgent care to Aquidneck Island where the company can offer year-round expanded healthcare access to residents and visitors alike.
James Conroy; THE COYOTE HUNTER OF AQUIDNECK ISLAND; The Permanent Press (Fiction: General) 29.95 ISBN: 9781579624934
Cox will leverage its robust fiber network on Aquidneck Island to provide ultra-high speed Internet services for the Race Village to be located at Fort Adams State Park.
In the past two years, Aquidneck Island has seen more than 40 properties sold for over $2 million.”
In Pennsylvanian rocks on Conanicut Island, the first deformation produced [F.sub.1a], and [F.sub.1b] folds and associated [S.sub.1a] and [S.sub.1b] axial planar foliations, whereas on Aquidneck Island only one generation ([F.sub.1] and [S.sub.1]) was produced.
For Civil War buffs and readers interested in the history of medicine, this volume on the internal workings of the Union military hospital on Aquidneck Island provides a unique window into the personal stories of the patients who passed through the facility, as well as the heroes of nineteenth-century medicine who helped them survive gruesome injury and crippling disease.
Throughout the month of June Newport Gulls players and People's employees went into the schools on Aquidneck Island to read to the children and encourage the importance of reading.