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Noun1.Aquifoliaceae - widely distributed shrubs and treesAquifoliaceae - widely distributed shrubs and trees
dicot family, magnoliopsid family - family of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
order Sapindales, Sapindales - an order of dicotyledonous plants
genus Ilex, Ilex - a large genus of dicotyledonous trees and shrubs of the family Aquifoliaceae that have small flowers and berries (including hollies)
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Yerba Mate (YM; Ilex paraguariensis), from the Aquifoliaceae plant family, is a native South American tree used for tea production (Heck and de Mejia, 2007).
A-[234], B-[12345], C-[23456], D-[01], E- [12], F-[02], G-[2345], H-[345], I-[124], J-[123], K-[012], L-[013], M-[13], N-[01234], O-[014], P-[123456], Q-[34], R-[03], S-[23], T- [45], U-[1234], V-[0123], W-[14], X-[24], Y-[15] Character 1 Paeoniaceae Paeonia 0 1 0 2 Vitaceae Vitis 0 0 0 -- Acanthaceae Avicennia Lamiales 0 0 D E Acanthaceae Acanthus Lamiales 0 1 D F Actinidiaceae Actinidia Ericales D 1 0 2 Adoxaceae Viburnum Dipsacales 0 0 D F Alseuosmiaceae Alseuosmia Asterales D 1 0 0 Apiaceae Apium Apiales D 0 D 2 Apocynaceae Alstonia Gentianales 0 1 0 D Aquifoliaceae Ilex Aquifoliales 1 0 0 2 Araliaceae Aralia Apiales D 0 0 2 Aralidiaceae Aralidium Apiales 1 ?
a species of the family Aquifoliaceae, is native to southern South America, more specifically found in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay.
Habitat: An evergreen shrub member of the Aquifoliaceae family, growing up to 12m in moist forest soil and native to Europe.
Link P I 3755 [Hedge-parsley] Aquifoliaceae Ilex decidua Walter [Deciduous C, S N 4228 holly] Asteraceae Ambrosia psiloslachya DC.
Annonaceae, Apocynaceae, Aquifoliaceae, Berberidaceae, Cactaceae, Convolvulaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Fabaceae, Gentianaceae, Lamiaceae, Linaceae, Loasaceae, Malvaceae, Melianthaceae, Monimiaceae, Nartheciaceae, Oleaceae, Passifloraceae, Plantaginaceae, Polygonaceae, Rubiaceae, Salicaceae and Tetrameristaceae (Table 1).
As espécies predominantes pertenciam às famílias Annonaceae, Apocynaceae, Arecaceae, Aquifoliaceae, Bignoniaceae, Boraginaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Fabaceae, Flacourticaceae, Lauracaeae, Meliaceae, Mimosaceae, Moraceae-Urticaceae e Sapindaceae.