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Variant of ad-..


var. of ad- before l: allure.


a suffix with the general sense “of the kind of, pertaining to, having the form or character of” that named by the stem, occurring in loanwords from Latin (autumnal; natural; pastoral), and productive in English on the Latin model, usu. with bases of Latin origin (accidental; seasonal; tribal). Compare -ical, -ar 1, -ial.
[< Latin -ālis, -āle]


a suffix forming nouns from verbs, usu. verbs of French or Latin origin: denial; refusal.
[< Latin -āle (singular), -ālia (pl.), nominalized neuter of -ālis -al1; often replacing Middle English -aille < Old French < Latin -ālia]


a suffix used in the names of chemical compounds that contain an aldehyde group: acetal; furfural.
[probably extracted from chloral]


1. Alabama.
2. Anglo-Latin.


Chem. Symbol.



1. other things.
[< Latin alia]
2. other persons.
[< Latin aliī]


1. American League.
2. American Legion.
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