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Noun1.Arabic alphabet - the alphabet of 28 characters derived from Aramaic and used for writing Arabic languages (and borrowed for writing Urdu)
alphabet - a character set that includes letters and is used to write a language
unicameral script - a script with a single case
alfabeto árabe
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Aljamiado literature is applied in cases where the script of a language has not been changed by the whole language community (3), rather Arabic orthography has been employed by a minority for specifically religious purposes in a peculiar socio-cultural context (Hegyi 1979).
The inscribers possessed Chinese names and thus writing their names in a script legible for the Muslim readers required the usage of Arabic orthography.
Arabic orthography is an abjad (Daniels, 1990), wherein the consonants are represented by letters, and the vowels by optional diacritics.
Some dialects differ, and some nonArab scribe, point, and endowed, In Arabic orthography, the distance of time and place Among the reasons for this have been considered incorrect reading.
It was the Frenchman who famously gave a lecture at the Imperial Iranian Academy of Philosophy in Tehran on three thinkers of Azerbaijan within the tradition of Suhrawardi including a subtle commentator named Vadud Tabrizi--who was none other than Mahmud Nayrizi; the confusion of the name is not the only example of a copyist's wayward rendition of Arabic orthography leading to a change in intellectual history.
A Kuwaiti exhibition and a workshop on Arabic orthography was held on the
The third paper in this section, by Nasser Berjaoui ("Aspects of the Arabic orthography with preliminary insights from the Moroccan computer-mediated communication"), deals with the specifics of the Moroccan language situation characterized by a multiple diglossa between several languages and dialects (Standard Arabic vs.
Another goal of the present investigation is to examine the effect of vowel diacritics on the word recognition process and reading comprehension in Arabic orthography.