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(Placename) an archaic or poetic name for Arabia


(ˈær ə bi)

n. Chiefly Literary.
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The paper and the ink had a certain odor which was sweeter to me than the perfumes of Araby.
Having sung songs of Araby and tales of far Cashmere, Mr Roscoe Sherriff was refreshing himself with a comic paper.
I wished to recline at full length in a cushioned invalid chair, with pictures about me and sumptuous furniture; with frescoed walls and gilded arches above me and vistas of Corinthian columns stretching far before me; with perfumes of Araby to intoxicate my senses and the slumbrous drone of distant noises to soothe me to sleep.
The animal was probably indebted to the blood of Araby for its excellence, through a long pedigree, that embraced the steed of Mexico, the Spanish barb, and the Moorish charger.
Scents of Araby came from the kitchen, mingled with cries.
Our worshipful friend Rappaccini, as I have heard, tinctures his medicaments with odors richer than those of Araby.
The Investment Ministry and the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) will launch a wide campaign to internationally promote the new executive regulations of the Investment Law, which will provide them with huge investment opportunities," Araby told Egypt Today on Thursday, explaining that the new law will help the economy recover.
El Araby will give a lecture on the 26th of this month at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, ECSSR, about the future of the joint Arab action.
The boy promised that if ever he went to Araby he would bring her something.
Araby said in remarks to reporters: " There are many wealth in African and Arab countries, and there is big money in some Arab countries, in contrast, there is large-scale projects can be carried out in African countries, and we are seeking to set up giant projects between the two sides.
Devastated daughter Araby seeks her scientist father in hopes that he can provide a cure and help rescue her mother from the twisted Prince Prospero.
Arab League Secretary-General Nabil Al Araby (Reuters)