v. t.1.To tear up by the roots; to draw away.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Donald Arace, a veteran of the mortgage industry, has been named Vice President of Sales and Production of the new branch.
Nine cowpea cultivars (BRS Guariba; BRS Potengi; BRS Itaim; BRS 17 Gurgueia; BRS Arace; Paulistinha; BRS Maratana; Costela-de-Vaca and Canapu-Branco) were subjected to two levels of osmotic potential induced by PEG 6000 [0.0 MPa (control) and -0.4 MPa], forming a 9 x 2 factorial scheme, and the resulting treatments were arranged in a completely randomized design with four replicates of 50 seeds per plot.
Artisticamente resulta numa trajetoria altamente integra, isto e, cumprida com o mesmo empenho, seja ao longo dos 30 anos em que viveu em Lisboa, seja no periodo posterior, quando, a partir de 2003, retornou ao Brasil e escolheu viver e trabalhar em Arace, nas montanhas do Espirito Santo.
The cultivars BRS Arace (semi prostrate) and BRS Tumucumaque (semi erect) were evaluated.
Three biofortified cultivars (BRS Xiquexique, Tumucumaque and Arace) were cooked in common and pressure pans, with and without previous soaking.
Systech International has appointed Lou Arace as president and chief operating officer, the company said.
"Demand for our supply chain solutions has exploded as the need for enterprise serialization, track and trace, authentication and regulatory compliance expands in adjacent markets such as food and beverage, retail and consumer products," notes Lou Arace, chief operating officer, Systech.
If a sprinter takes a performance enhancing drug it doesn't directly affect his opponents, but obviously it may affect the result of arace.
However, they ruled out creating regional tax rates in England, saying: "e further devolution of air passenger duty to, for example, North East England or Wales would ultimately serve to extend a patchwork of air passenger duty-derived market distortions across the UK and drive arace to the bottom on regional air passenger duty rates."
2 May 2014: Nicholas Arace, Emily Bajko, Joseph Boccia, Christopher Brouillette, Ainsley Bryce, Christina Corcoran, Brianna DeVivo, Rachel Donnelly, Sam Elmazi, Jennifer Frazon, Felicia Gardner-Miranda, Francis Guerrera, Beata Hlinka, Christine Hushion, Benjamin Jenkins, Andisa Karanxha, Zachary Keith, Amanda Larder, Caroline Lemly, Michelle Lugauskas, Omar E.