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Noun1.Arachnida - a large class of arthropods including spiders and ticks and scorpions and daddy longlegsArachnida - a large class of arthropods including spiders and ticks and scorpions and daddy longlegs; have four pairs of walking legs and no wings
Chelicerata, superclass Chelicerata - spiders; scorpions; horseshoe crabs
arachnid, arachnoid - air-breathing arthropods characterized by simple eyes and four pairs of legs
order Scorpionida, Scorpionida - true scorpions
Acarina, order Acarina - mites and ticks
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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And on Thursday, one of the arachnids was seen crawling up the door of a house in Malahide, Dublin.
She studies spiders, scorpions, and other arachnids (uh-RAK-nids).
This summer, they'll be joined by much smaller critters -- more than 100 arachnids, from the tiger rump tarantula to the tailless whip scorpion.
Scientists Study Romantic Arachnids With 'Charisma'
Pest experts say spider season could see hairy arachnids up to 7.5cm long enter homes as they look to mate.
While Sophie's ordeal was scary it was not life-threatening, yet more sinister arachnids can - and have - been found crawling around Teesside.
Closely related to scorpions and ticks, these eight-legged arachnids are quite helpful to people because they eat pesky insects.
You'll see from this video that peacock spiders look just like weird morphs of arachnids and birds.
The tree was alive with small arachnids playing in the branches, abseiling merrily from one level to another, leaving gossamer web trails that looked like spray-on glitter.
This is bad news if you are not fond of the nightmarish arachnids that lay over 100 eggs at a time.
James Ship, an expert at Stratford Butterfly Farm, which also houses arachnids, said if bitten by the spider "you would have about six hours' worth of pain".