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any of various flame-resistant and strong synthetic fibres used in, for example, firefighters' clothing and body armour


(ˈær ə mɪd)

any of a class of synthetic aromatic long-chain polyamides capable of extrusion into very strong heat-resistant fibers.
[1970–75; probably ar (omatic) + -amid, resp. of amide]
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Tenders are invited for Providing of Aramid yarn spec- 8050 dtex
Nowadays manufacturers fill the stranding gaps and strain relief elements -- glass or aramid yarn -- with swellable materials.
Water tolerant options are also available that take advantage of the qualities of tight buffered cable and super absorbent polymer aramid yarn.
The imports of aramid yarn and fabric used in the manufacturing of bulletproof helmets have been exempted from the custom duty.
These tight buffered cables feature an aramid yarn strength member and an exceptionally tough, sunlight-resistant polyurethane outer jacket, making them highly resistant to abrasion, crushing and cut-through.
Elastosil HT10 is said to be ideal for coating special-purpose textiles made of glass yarn or aramid yarn.
Some have consisted of laminates comprising both carbon and an aramid yarn, while others have been 100 per cent carbon.
The outer elements of the cable are the aramid yarn strength members.
The material is a silver-plated aramid yarn designed for use as a conductor or braid in microwave coaxial cable.
Greige aramid yarn or cord was continuously drawn through a fluorination chamber at speeds of 25, 50, 100 or 150 meters/minute.