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n.1.A bead of rough carnelian. Arangoes were formerly imported from Bombay for use in the African slave trade.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Casa Grande, AZ, September 03, 2019 --( A lot of people do not realize that Francisco "Pancho" Villa was actually an alias for Doroteo Arango. Imagine the joy felt from the Western Trading Post crew when one of their clients consigned a knife to the auction inscribed, Doroteo Arango.
Attack: Frm: A.Peterson 31-34 17 kills, Stella 18-19 8 kills, Michalski 10-12 4 kills AT: Grygo 12k, Zielinski 9k, Werderitch 7k, Pudlo 7k; Serving: Frm: J.Peterson 8-10 3 aces, Stella 9-10 ace, Arango 9-11 ace.
It was listed by Dennis Arango of John Savoretti Realty and sold by Otto Lugo of Realty Masters International.
But a miscalculation in the sprint gave line honors to Bernardo Albeiro Suaza Arango (Manzana Postobon), one of nine Colombians racing in th 23rd edition of the International Cycling Union 2.Hors Category event organized by Ciclista Sports with the full support of the Malaysia Ministry of Youth and Sports
The night began with Gildroy and Berk Consultant Jeff Arango giving a short presentation on areas that need to be updated, including: the vision statement, land use and zoning policies, housing and transportation.