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n.1.Plowing; tillage.
Lands are said to be in a state of aration when they are under tillage.
- Brande.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"That would be nice - I don't want to tempt fate but I feel really good and I've had great prep aration for this meet," she said.
10 losses, each squa water draining in produces an extr to store, manage Effective sepa farmer back in aration is poor, w "force" spreadin the wrong time, SAVE o through vesting.
PAGES 08&09 YOUR NO.1 WEEKEND FOOTBALL PULLOUT By Carl Askew WAVE OF Daily Record Saturday, May 17, 2013 EMOTION Scotland's best racing guide by a distance Group of greats say farewell to game r IN ASSOCIATION WITH The Punte Approach heads 24 in Derby KIDS A great headery in herey W3GREAT o War on aration By Garry Owen Money speaks volumes for O'Brien colt Go to War Declaration E TWO B'B ienenen cco rierienrieririr lt today02 Newmarket 04 Thirsk 05 Bangor 06 Newbury 08 Doncaster Uttoxeter 09 Stratford Ripon Market Rsn 10 Fixit 12 Results Declaration Of War TURN TO PAGE TWO inside SECTIONSwoman RECORD PLUS
A note from Wieser last week said: "If his [Murray's] selection leads to a future sep- aration of Draft and FCB - reversing a well-intentioned but ultimately failed combi- nation - FCB may better compete as a global advertis- ing agency network by build- ing on its strength in emerg- ing markets and reinvesting in a sub-scale European oper- ation.
* Must have a high school diploma, a GED diploma or be willing to take a GED test prep aration course.
SCOTSMAN David Coulthard admits he is worried by Red Bull's lack of prep aration for the new Formula One season.
No study to date has examined ethnic differences in parenting following divorce or sep aration (Buchanan, 2000).
It would not surprise me if kids from some of our suburbs reacted the same way on a trip into the city This kind of sep aration and isolation certainly hurts all of them, and it cannot be in the best interest of our society as a whole.
The tradition of sep aration of the body was tenacious, perhaps, in accordance with the rank of the patron in his or her native France, and it was one, furthermore, that had its earliest roots in Normandy where it seems to have been more common than in the Ile-de-France.