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Any of several evergreen coniferous trees of the genus Araucaria native to South America, Australia, and islands of the southwest Pacific Ocean, having awl-shaped leaves and whorled branches and including Norfolk lsland pine.

[From Spanish Araucaria, (tree) of Arauco, a former province of south-central Chile.]


(Plants) any tree of the coniferous genus Araucaria of South America, Australia, and Polynesia, such as the monkey puzzle and bunya-bunya
[C19: from New Latin (arbor) Araucaria (tree) from Arauco, a province in Chile]


(ˌær ɔˈkɛər i ə)

n., pl. -car•i•as.
any of several South American and Australasian trees of the genus Araucaria, of the monkey puzzle family, as the Norfolk Island pine.
[1825–35; < New Latin, after Arauc(o) province in central Chile; see -aria]
ar`au•car′i•an, adj.
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Noun1.araucaria - any of several tall South American or Australian trees with large cones and edible seedsaraucaria - any of several tall South American or Australian trees with large cones and edible seeds
genus Araucaria - a genus of the araucaria family
Araucaria araucana, chile pine, monkey puzzle - large Chilean evergreen conifer having intertwined branches and bearing edible nuts
Araucaria excelsa, Araucaria heterophylla, norfolk island pine - evergreen of Australia and Norfolk Island in the South Pacific
Araucaria columnaris, new caledonian pine - very tall evergreen of New Caledonia and the New Hebrides similar to norfolk island pine
Araucaria bidwillii, bunya bunya, bunya bunya tree - Australian conifer bearing two-inch seeds tasting like roasted chestnuts; among the aborigines the tree is hereditary property protected by law
Araucaria cunninghamii, hoop pine, Moreton Bay pine - pine of Australia and New Guinea; yields a valuable light even-textured wood
conifer, coniferous tree - any gymnospermous tree or shrub bearing cones