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 (mä-po͞o′chā, -chĕ)
n. pl. Mapuche or Ma·pu·ches
1. A member of a South American Indian people inhabiting south-central Chile.
2. The Araucanian language of the Mapuche. Also called Mapudungun.

[Mapuche : mapu, earth + che, people.]
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(ˌær ɔˈkeɪ ni ən)

1. a member of an American Indian people of S central Chile and adjacent areas of Argentina.
2. the language of the Araucanians.
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These are lighter portrayals, tinged with melancholy, with the white-haired Araucanian Indian goalkeeper in Soriano's "The Longest Penalty Ever" wondering if one heroic exploit qualifies a person for recognition and love.
There is a high prevalence of ICP in Chile (14%), especially among Araucanian Indian women (24%), and in Bolivia.
In this way the Araucanian Indians of Chile survived as an independent force until the late nineteenth century, and Native Americans controlled a large part of the U.S.