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 (mä-po͞o′chā, -chĕ)
n. pl. Mapuche or Ma·pu·ches
1. A member of a South American Indian people inhabiting south-central Chile.
2. The Araucanian language of the Mapuche. Also called Mapudungun.

[Mapuche : mapu, earth + che, people.]
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(ˌær ɔˈkeɪ ni ən)

1. a member of an American Indian people of S central Chile and adjacent areas of Argentina.
2. the language of the Araucanians.
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More precisely, it expresses the unity of the Araucanos with their land, and the intimate and autochthonous relationship between the two, as the Araucanos were simple in dress and were made of the stuff of the earth:
In Mapudungun, their own "language of the land," Mapuche means "people of the land." The Spanish called them araucanos, from Arauco, the area south of the Bio-Bio River.
We were known as Araucanos, the name the Spaniards gave us.
Probablemente, este proceso se dio desde los siglos anteriores, como senala Dillehay al recordar que los araucanos constituyen el unico grupo etnico que concluyo tratados formales y limites fronterizos con la Corona espanola, aunque esta excepcionalidad resulte demasiado taxativa si se consideran los pactos que establecieron otros grupos sudamericanos desde el siglo XVI (Levaggi 2000).