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An ancient town of Assyria in present-day northern Iraq. Its name is sometimes given to the battle fought at Gaugamela, about 80 km (50 mi) away, in which Alexander the Great defeated Darius III in 331 bc.


1. (Placename) an ancient city in Assyria, near which the Battle of Arbela took place (331 bc), in which Alexander the Great defeated the Persians. Modern name: Erbil
2. (Historical Terms) an ancient city in Assyria, near which the Battle of Arbela took place (331 bc), in which Alexander the Great defeated the Persians. Modern name: Erbil


(ɑrˈbi lə)

an ancient city of Assyria, E of the Tigris, on the site of modern Erbil. Compare Gaugamela.
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The army of the Persians, in the plains of Arbela, was such a vast sea of people, as it did somewhat astonish the commanders in Alexander's army; who came to him therefore, and wished him to set upon them by night; and he answered, He would not pilfer the victory.
A most useful discussion of archaeological sites in the region, like Arbela (Erbil), Kilizu (Qasr Shemamok), and Nineveh, provides important evidence of the cultural diversity of Adiabene.
Part of the Israel National Trail, hikers can visit caves where the people of Arbela lived and hid, some of which are three stories high, and remains of an ancient synagogue.
Last year, he published his second book Alexander the Great in Erbil: The Military Battle of Gaugamela and the Political Victory at Arbela.
Arbela Bhutto also addressed the participants and highlighted the importance of the seminar.
According to a university spokesman, the Co-Director Institute of Science and Technology and Development Mehran University Dr Arbela Bhutoo and the Director PIM signed the agreement at a ceremony.
Obtaining the AS9100 certification reflects Gogo's continued commitment to meeting the increasingly stringent industry quality requirements, and affirms our dedication to total quality and regulatory compliance," said Arbela Takhsh, Gogo's senior vice president of quality.
Arbela habria sido el escenario de otra coincidencia, ya que en las cercanias de ese lugar habrian derrotado a un enemigo (Hdn.
Byline: Syed Abdul Sattar Shah, Arbela Bhutto and Anwar Ali Shah G.
These repeated failures in the battle fields infact had exposed military might and weaknesses of Iranian authority therefore Alexander fearlessly marched on towards Mesopotamia to fight a decisive battle at the historic battle field of Arbela where the last Achaemenian King of Kings" Darius III was utterly defeated by Europeans in 330 BCE.
Este trabajo evaluo el parasitoidismo de dos especies de mariposas, Mechanics menapis (Nymphalidae: Danainae: Ithomiini) y Eurema arbela (Pieridae: Coliadinae), en sistemas de produccion de cafe con estructura contrastante.
In South Tyneside numbers are down 22%, with the Arbela Roman Fort seeing a decline as a result of both bad weather and the London Olympics.