Arbitrary constant

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(Math.) a quantity of function that is introduced into the solution of a problem, and to which any value or form may at will be given, so that the solution may be made to meet special requirements.
an undetermined constant in a differential equation having the same value during all changes in the values of the variables.

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Later, inhomogeneous ODE (17) is solved uniformly in all three cases using method of arbitrary constant variation [5].
where V is an arbitrary constant and [lambda] satisfies the following non-linear ordinary differential equation
The few examples scattered throughout the text are of some interest, but the use of modified rationality is ad hoc, generally represented by an arbitrary constant added to the standard model (as in chapters 6 and 8).
0] an arbitrary constant, E the activation energy, R the universal gas constant, and T the absolute temperature.
Several dozen theories exist, ranging from substellar brown dwarfs to minuscule or massive black holes, weird particles that neither emit nor absorb any kind of electromagnetic radiation, and an arbitrary constant in Einstein's equations of general relativity.
He therefore added an arbitrary constant designed to make the equations come out right, so to speak.
Scaling all the shadow prices by an arbitrary constant, z, results in the first term of the righthand side of (1) [C.
On the whole, the story here is very similar to Fuller's, simply because Fuller's NPV was really just present value, but subtracting an arbitrary constant that he treated as the startup cost.
The fig 6 suggests the reasonable chance of introducing a further arbitrary constant b' that defines the more general linear combinations log ([Q.

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