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Tenders are invited for Arbitrary function generator 2 channel 25mhz bandwidth 250 msa a sampling rate 128k points arbitrary waveform memory
Given an arbitrary function together with a fixed place, then construct a family of theta series from the norm forms of "definite" quaternion algebras, and establish an explicit Heck-module homomorphism from the Picard group of an associated definite Shimura curve to a space of Drinfeld-type automorphic forms.
For an arbitrary function f, the q-differential is defined by
This year, Finders Keepers Records will release some of my early live performances using Buchla's System 200, which features at its heart the inimitable Multiple Arbitrary Function Generator.
Also in February, the company debuted its MD03000 Series of mixed-domain oscilloscopes, each of which includes a spectrum analyzer and an optional logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, arbitrary function generator, and digital voltmeter.
assumption (ii)) we can take an arbitrary function [phi]: [R.
Mouser's state-of-the-art global distribution network will place LeCroy oscilloscopes, arbitrary function generators and logic analyzers within easy reach of electronic design engineers and production equipment buyers in nearly every corner of the world as well as expand the support network for LeCroy products.
The main reason underlying this interest lies in the fact that ANN are general, flexible, nonlinear tools capable of approximating any sort of arbitrary function (Hornik, Stinchcombe, & White, 1989).
Let be given f: A [right arrow] R an arbitrary function, defined on the open set A in [R.
2), which is a homogeneous linear equation, choosing Q(z, z) = [partial derivative]Q/[partial derivative]S {z, z)R(z)/[sigma]", where R(z) is an arbitrary function of z, using relations (3.
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