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Noun1.arbitration clause - a clause in a contract providing for arbitration of disputes arising under the contractarbitration clause - a clause in a contract providing for arbitration of disputes arising under the contract
clause, article - a separate section of a legal document (as a statute or contract or will)
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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The majority of arbitration clauses in the sample (49 of 86, or
Having determined that the policies at issue constituted an insurance contract under Virginia law, the court said a private day school was not required to submit its dispute to arbitration because the agreement containing the arbitration clause is part of a single integrated contract, and Virginia Code 38.2-312 renders void arbitration clauses contained in insurance contracts.
The drumbeat of defeat for plaintiffs fighting arbitration clauses has been put on pause at the U.S.
It is estimated that over half of the nonunionized workers in this country have employment agreements containing so-called mandatory arbitration clauses for any dispute, including complaints of sexual harassment.
Hunter's attorney, Dale Irwin of Kansas City, said virtually all consumer contracts, whether for cell phones or credit cards, now contain arbitration clauses.
Fourthly, it considers whether the CDC case has implications for arbitration clauses and the different approaches adopted by the Dutch and English courts on the issue after CDC.
In February, all 56 state and territorial attorneys general co-signed a letter asking Congress to put an end to mandatory arbitration of sexual harassment claims, citing concerns about the secrecy requirements typically incorporated in arbitration clauses and about arbitrators' lack of judicial training and ability to ensure that victims receive due process.
The Two Agreements included arbitration clauses. The arbitration clauses were identical as to the scope of matters subject to arbitration, but they differed as to the arbitration forum.
The CFPB issued its rule on arbitration clauses "after spending three years conducting a congressionally mandated study of the impact of these clauses on consumers," Warren said.
Although courts typically enforce arbitration clauses, case law, including the 2016 Canadian decision in Trade Finance Solutions Inc.
Particularly, the note focuses on whether these effects further strengthen the notion that arbitration clauses within these types of contracts are unconscionable and whether they can be so held under current law.