a.1.Containing copses of trees or shrubs; covered with shrubs.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Lines were set in typical arboreal vegetation (close thorny arbustive vegetation, with small sparse trees), with sandy soil.
Germandree arbustive - Mirou Teucrium mideltense Attimeloul Lythraceae Punica granatum L.
C'est une formation psammophyte ou une steppe sous arbustive, liee a la texture sableuse des horizons de surface oo les apports sableux d'origine eolienne.
On a pu qualifier cette figure emblematique de divinite arbustive. Un dieu enracine!
As for the green areas specific facilities in the municipality, one can say that these are in a precarious situation (Andrei, 2007): Parks are not bordered by a fence, but there are other adjacent objectives which are; Banks are old, deteriorated and insufficient; Alleys are 90% made out of ground, without borders and created ad-hoc dependent on the passers-by customs; The lawn is represented by areas of spontaneous and grass vegetation, untaken care of, in an advanced state of degradation from the point of view of the vegetal structure and with numerous unevennesses; The arborescent and arbustive vegetation is composed of small axles and sometimes of fruit trees, shrubs and spontaneous vegetation.
During the surveys, each observer walked slowly for 30 minutes carefully looking for frogs on the ground, on tree trunks, branches and shrubs, under and on logs, twigs, roots and stones, and on arbustive and herbaceous vegetation.
Ils vivent dans une savane arbustive tres verte, sillonnee par de nombreuses petites rivieres dont les berges sont couvertes de forets, exploitant toute l'annee les ressources spontanees de leur milieu naturel par la chasse et la collecte, tout en pratiquant une petite culture (manioc, sesame et plantes vivrieres).
Auloporida formed arbustive or fruticose colonies with proximal corallites commonly prostrate or adherent to other biogenic or inorganic remains; may have erect corallites (fasciculate) or branched (dendroid) and more rarely cerioid.
Resck, "Seasonal variation in the yield and the chemical composition of essential oils from two Brazilian native arbustive species," Journal of Applied Sciences, vol.
Polianthes maculosa, Zephyranthesa renicola, Ruellia corzoi, Ruelli apedunculata, Coldemia greggii, Heliotropium angiospermum, Cynanchum barbigerum, Palafoxia texana and Dyssodia spp were the preferred non arbustive species during the year.