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Noun1.Arca - type genus of the family Arcidae: ark shells and blood clamsArca - type genus of the family Arcidae: ark shells and blood clams
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
Arcidae, family Arcidae - ark shells
ark shell - marine bivalve mollusk having a heavy toothed shell with a deep boat-like inner surface
blood clam - red-blooded clam
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In the meantime you must make yourself contented by the consciousness of success, like the Roman miser -- "`Populus me sibilat, at mihi plaudo Ipse domi simul ac nummos contemplar in arca.'"
More and more companies are establishing their commercial presence in ARCA South.
Until this change occurs, VanEck said that the fund shares will continue to trade on the NYSE Arca.
It affirmed at 'AAA(mex)' the National long-term rating of Arca Continental and AC Bebidas and the National short-term rating of Arca Continental at 'F1+(mex)'.
Arca Capital, a private investment group based in Central Europe, said it either wants the privatization stopped, or a higher privatization price, up from the current $2.95 billion/$14.75 per share offer, which itself is higher than an earlier, revised $13.50 per share plan.
Mr Arca, who also played for Sunderland, had amended the proposals slightly to try to address this, but the changes were considered insufficient.
Changes proposed by Mr Arca weren't considered sufficient to address fears raised by people living nearby.
The rejection of the privatization plan comes in the aftermath of strong opposition to the deal from investors including Arca Capital and Carl Icahn backed by data from Institutional Shareholder Services illustrating substantial concerns regarding the valuation and process of the transaction.
NYSE Arca attracted 149 new listings valued at a combined $5.8 billion, or 54% of all new issuances in 2017 -- the 10th consecutive year it has taken the lion's share of new listings, the announcement said.