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(Amoebozoa: Arcellinida, Arcellidae), a new species from a tropical peatland in Amazonia.
Arcellidae is commonly recorded as one of the most representative families of testate amoebae in Neotropical ecosystems in terms of richness and abundance of species (Vucetich, 1973; Panarelli, Casanova, Nogueira, Mitsuka, & Henry, 2003; Fulone, Vieira, Velho, & Lima, 2005; Lansac-Toha, Alves, Velho; Robertson, & Joko, 2008; Escobar, Brenner, Whitmore, Kenney, & Curtis, 2008; Oliveira & Hardoim, 2010; Arrieira, Alves, Schwind, & Lansac-Toha, 2015).
In this period, were identified 89 infrageneric taxa, belonging to 10 families, with Difflugiidae (41 taxa), Arcellidae (18 taxa), Centropyxidae (11 taxa) and Lesquereusiidae (10 taxa) being the most representative regarding the number of taxa (Alves et al., 2010, 2012).
Foram identificados 3363 organismos pertencentes a 19 taxons, dentre os quais 51% foram Protozoa (Arcellidae), 21% Nematoda e 7% Oligochaeta (Naididae) compreendendo 79% dos organismos.
Eighty-two taxa of testate amoebae were reported, belonging to 10 families: 33 taxa of Difflugiidae, 13 of Centropyxidae, 9 of Arcellidae, 9 of Lesquereusiidae, 7 of Euglyphidae, 5 of Trigonopyxidae, 2 of Cyphoderiidae, 2 of Trinematidae and 1 each of Hyalospheniidae and Nebelidae (Figure 3).
Testate amoebae were represented by 67 infrageneric taxa, distributed in seven families, and Difflugiidae and Arcellidae were the most species-rich, with 29 taxa and 15 taxa, respectively (Table 2).
x Trichocerca stylata (Gosse, 1851)* x x Trichotriidae Macrochaetus collinsi (Gosse, 1867)* x x Macrochaetus longipes (Myers, 1934) x x Macrochaetus sericus (Thorpe, 1893)* x x Tricotria tetractis (Ehrenberg, 1830)* x Bdelloidea x x Philodinidae Dissotrocha aculeata (Ehrenberg, 1832)* x x TESTACEA AMOEBA Arcellidae Arcella conica (Playfair, 1917)* x x Arcella costata (Ehrenberg, 1847)* x x Arcella dentata (Ehrenberg, 1838)* x Arcella discoides (Ehrenberg, 1843)* x x Arcella gibbosa (Penard, 1890)* x Arcella hemisphaerica (Perty, 1852)* x x Arcella megastoma (Penard, 1902)* x Arcella rota (Daday, 1905)* x x Arcella rotundata var.