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 (dŭn′stən), Saint 909?-988.
Anglo-Saxon prelate. As bishop of Worcester (957) and archbishop of Canterbury (960-978) he attempted to integrate the Danes and the English as a nation.


(Biography) Saint. ?909–988 ad, English prelate and statesman; archbishop of Canterbury (959–988). He revived monasticism in England on Benedictine lines and promoted education. Feast day: May 19


(ˈdʌn stən)

Saint, A.D. c925–988, English archbishop of Canterbury 961–978.
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Scragg, in `An Old English Homilist of Archbishop Dunstan's Day' argues that four Rogationtide homilies (Vercelli XIX-XXI, and Tristram III) were composed by one author as a set, probably at Canterbury.
What, then, was the Benedictional of Archbishop Dunstan which John Bale once possessed?
Any book devoted to the career of Archbishop Dunstan must draw heavily on conjecture and digression.