Archer fish

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Arch´er fish`

1.(Zool.) A small fish (Toxotes jaculator), of the East Indies; - so called from its ejecting drops of water from its mouth at its prey. The name is also applied to Chætodon rostratus.
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World Museum Your children can dive into the aquarium at the World Museum which features sea life from around the world including Falseclown fish (like nemo) Scorpionfish, Archer fish, Monos and Thornback Ray.
2010), used a simple yet useful criterion based on external markings and/or number of dorsal spines which currently being used to differentiate two congeneric archer fish species Toxotes chatareus and Toxotes jaculatrix.
From the favourite food of the Gentoo penguin to the hunting habits of the acrobatic Archer fish, youngsters are taking the plunge to discover more about the blue planet through a new conservation scheme.
The stars of the show are the South American archer fish, which spit water at food placed on targets.
Technique: In the wild, the archer fish shoots down climbing and flying insects using her own version of a water pistol - her mouth.