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Noun1.Archibald MacLeish - United States poet (1892-1982)
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He chose the librarian of Congress, Archibald MacLeish, to direct the Office of Facts and Figures, established on October 24, 1941.
The American poet and writer Archibald MacLeish wrote those lines just before World War II, when lying carried the risk of a far greater censure in the public sphere than it does now, especially among politicians.
Prelude to War: The Interventionist Propaganda of Archibald MacLeish, Robert E.
On 15 July 1928, he wrote to Archibald MacLeish from Kansas City, where Pauline had given birth to Patrick on 28 June by Caesarean section after a dangerous protracted labor, and the temperature had been above ninety degrees since the day he was born.
Archibald MacLeish, "Libraries in the Contemporary Crisis: Address by Archibald MacLeish, Librarian of Congress, at Carnegie Institute" (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, October 19, 1939): title.
The Department maintained permanent representation on the Roberts Commission, and Librarian of Congress Archibald MacLeish was the liaison with the Department until he became the first assistant secretary of State for Public and Cultural Relations (now Public Affairs) in December 1944.
He turned to Archibald MacLeish, an acclaimed poet and editor as well as an academic, a man who wore his patrician privilege as comfortably as he did his fedora, to get the thing going.
The poet Archibald MacLeish, who considered Pound "a very silly man who had some remarkable gifts," succeeded in getting him released in 1958.
His evidence for that assertion is a quote from a report by Roosevelt compatriot Librarian of Congress Archibald MacLeish, who reported that his study of public opinion showed that "the Four Freedoms .
Archibald MacLeish called it "the most brilliant in New York.
One night in the 1930s Archibald MacLeish was reading his poetry at the Bread Loaf Conference in Middlebury, Vermont.
Archibald MacLeish, The New Morning, and Providing the Light of Perspective IV.