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Noun1.Cary Grant - United States actor (born in England) who was the elegant leading man in many films (1904-1986)
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Starring John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis as Wanda Gershwitz, Kline portrayed the hapless Otto, a pretentious weapons expert who served as Wanda's lover, scheming with her to backstab her boyfriend Archie Leach, played by Cleese.
In which 1988 film does the character Archie Leach appear, and who plays him?
Rather like Hollywood, where Archie Leach can become Carey Grant or Thomas Short-Arse III Tom Cruise, sports stars have also taken on name changes to help further their careers.
This covers some of the best of the former Archie Leach's work from the early screwball comedies of Bringing Up Baby and The Awful Truth to the May/December romance of Father Goose.
A John Cleese named his London barrister character Archie Leach - Grant's real name.
Archie Leach became Cary Grant, Frederick Austerlitz became Fred Astaire, Reg Dwight became Elton John, Thomas Woodwood became Tom Jones, Winona Horowitz became Winona Ryder and Marion Morrison very wisely changed his name to John Wayne.
As a young teenager, Archie Leach of the port town of Bristol, England, got himself a job as a lighting apprentice at the Empire Theatre, "The Saturday matinee was in full swing when I arrived backstage," he recalled decades later, "and that's when I knew.
An acrobat called Archie Leach, who later became movie legend Cary Grant,appeared there.
1929: Jeanette MacDonald and Archie Leach, a chores boy who will soon be known as Cary Grant, dance a fandango in Boom Boom.
Born Archie Leach, Grant grew up in Horfield, a working class Bristol suburb.