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n.1.That form of episcopacy in which the chief power is in the hands of archbishops.
2.The state or dignity of an archbishop.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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this may grow too serious." "Will you be so good as to bring the priest also, Don?" "Though there are no Auto-da-Fes in Lima now," said one of the company to another: "I fear our sailor friend runs risk of the archiepiscopacy. Let us withdraw more out of the moonlight.
During his archiepiscopacy, numerous examples indicate how this office of church unity that lies between the strictly local (diocesan) level and the universal level of the church played an indispensable role in the mission of the church in El Salvador: Romero's national radio broadcasts that did much to knit the faithful of El Salvador together in a common awareness of the nation's problems and how these problems might be viewed in a Christian perspective; his four pastoral letters written between April 1977 and August 1979; and his archiepiscopal visits and the striking symbolism of his refusal to attend the inauguration of General Carlos Humberto Romero (no relation), whose election in February 1977 had been fraudulent.
The next border contract from 1276, now between the archiepiscopacy and the Livonian Order agreed that the new border was along the rivers Coddeyogge [German Koddiak, Rozeni at the River Salaca] and Hainejecke [Ainazi] (see Berkholz 1886 : 45; Hildebrand 1880 : 376-277).