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 (är′kə-mē′dēz) 287?-212 bc.
Greek mathematician, engineer, and physicist. Among the most important intellectual figures of antiquity, he discovered formulas for the area and volume of various geometric figures, applied geometry to hydrostatics and mechanics, devised numerous ingenious mechanisms, such as the Archimedean screw, and discovered the principle of buoyancy.

Ar′chi·me′de·an (-mē′dē-ən, -mĭ-dē′-) adj.
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Monck Mason (whose voyage from Dover to Weilburg in the balloon, "Nassau," occasioned so much excitement in 1837,) conceived the idea of employing the principle of the Archimedean screw for the purpose of propulsion through the air - rightly attributing the failure of Mr.
Then all elements of (y - [epsilon], y + [epsilon]) are archimedean equivalent and hence have the same image v under [theta].
12] discussed the identification of suitable copulas for bivariate frequency analysis of flood peak and flood volume data, and Gumbel-Hougaard copula of Archimedean family was found to be the most suitable dependence model for flood peak and volume.
Harnessing energy from the River Wear, an Archimedean screw drives a generator which feeds the National Grid with power that is the equivalent of 75% of the energy requirements of Freeman's Reach.
Motivated by an Archimedean exhibition at the Eureka National Children's Museum in Yorkshire, he put his own money where his mouth was and began working towards his goal, fully funding the museum himself.
The God of the prima pars constitutes the Archimedean point of that epistemology, which the distinctions made in the De Veritate and De Ente et Essentia explain philosophically.
Initial approximating functions are treated for the Archimedean and non-Archimedean cases.
A less restrictive class, called the Archimedean solids, allows the faces to have different shapes, though they still must be regular polygons.
The analysis adopts the hierarchical Archimedean copula approach that allows for flexible modeling of the dependence structure of insured losses.
This paper presents parametric analysis of a flexible, wideband Archimedean antenna, which is fabricated by utilizing an exceptionally efficient and low-cost inkjet printing technique to print "green" conformal electronic circuits on paper substrate.
It will use two Archimedean screw turbines, which were originally invented by the ancient Greeks to pump water upwards for irrigation.
After this operation, follows a chemical film development the which 1 have the effect of dissolving both the polymer as well as the aluminum foil in irradiated area, on polyethylene strip remaining two half LC oscillating circuits in mirror, the two coils being in the form of two identical plane spirals, the Archimedean spirals, each of them having a disc in the center which is an armature of the oscillating circuit capacitor, figure 2.