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 (är′kə-vĭst, -kī′-)
One who is in charge of archives.


(Professions) a person in charge of archives, their collection, and cataloguing


(ˈɑr kə vɪst, -kaɪ-)

a person who collects or is responsible for archives.
[1745–55; < French archiviste]
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Noun1.archivist - a person in charge of collecting and cataloguing archivesarchivist - a person in charge of collecting and cataloguing archives
aggregator, collector - a person who collects things
أمين مَحْفوظات، قَيِّم أرشيف
arşiv memuru


[ˈɑːkɪvɪst] Narchivero/a m/f, archivista mf (LAm)


[ˈɑːrkɪvɪst] narchiviste mf


nArchivar(in) m(f)


[ˈɑːkɪvɪst] narchivista m/f


(ˈaːkaivz) noun plural
(a place for keeping) old documents, historical records etc.
ˈarchivist (-ki-) noun
a person who looks after archives.
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Archivists are frequently challenged by the technical expertise, subject matter knowledge, time, and resource requirements needed to solve the broad set of challenges sure to be faced by the archival profession.
Archivists discovered a wealth of records including minute books, financial records and operational records about the city's harbour activity from the past 200 years and more.
Series on Archives, Archivists, and Society; Number 8
"Now is the time to give you this historic item," Weichert's son told archivists. "It is important for the world to know the story and remember, and to know that the Poles were partners in atrocities of the Germans during the Holocaust and knew about the atrocities."
In order to show how archivists are not librarians and how the two fields differ from one another, let me attempt to explain the basics of archival theory.
The archivist is somewhat of a "person of mystery," as archivists are not depicted in popular culture and the role of the archivist is not widely understood.
When the archivists embarked on this undertaking, Texas was one of about 10 states that had no archived electronic records.
With the theme Archives @ Risk: Mitigation and Empowerment, the congress served as a platform for valuable exchange of information and expertise in records management and archives administration, and was attended by archivists, record officers, local government unit secretaries and general service officers from all over the Philippines.
From there he establishes that archivists could and should change their processing practices to get more done at lower cost.
Librarians and archivists share many common values and responsibilities, but each profession is charged with managing collections with divergent requirements for acquisition, preservation, description, and use.

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