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Razumov was supposed to be the son of an Archpriest and to be protected by a distinguished nobleman--perhaps of his own distant province.
Officially and in fact without a family (for the daughter of the Archpriest had long been dead), no home influences had shaped his opinions or his feelings.
"Why, I myself have served two terms with Arnold de Cervolles, he whom they called the archpriest. By my hilt!
Officers of the sub-diocesan judicial administrative divisions: archpriests
Over the centuries, periodical and occasional publications (including circulars issued by metropolitans, bishops or archpriests) served as important communication instruments between the ecclesiastical hierarchy and the faithful (2).
The Archpriests very use of cuaderna via thus underpins his summons to the Libros audiences to interpret correctly by looking beyond the poet's verba to find the res of buen amor.
During the prayer service April 11, Francis symbolically gave the bull to the four cardinal archpriests of the papal basilicas.
There is, moreover, a huge number of collections devoted to specific victims of repression--particular archpriests, priests, and active laypeople.
The political and ecclesiastical structure of the Gevaudan was complex, comprising eight baronies, with a coextensive diocese divided between four archpriests, each subject to the Bishop of Mende as Count of Gevaudan.
In this important document he is revealing the bitter truth about the Greek expansionism and barbarianism in concluding that "the Greek archpriests have burnt the parchment Slavic books everywhere thus mutilating "the Slavic clergy".
It was made up of ordained clergy, comprising archpriests, priests, and deacons, as well as the lower strata sacristans.
From these exclusive ranks are drawn the archpriests, bishops, metropolitans and patriarchs of the future.)