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a.1.Arched; as, archy brows.
1.A suffix properly meaning a rule, ruling, as in monarchy, the rule of one only. Cf. -arch.
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It was in the midst of this repose, that Archy, one of the cordon, whose post was near the after-hatches, whispered to his neighbor, a Cholo, the words above.
Archy (Mark Lee) is an eighteen-year-old stockman who is simple, kind-hearted and hardworking--an excellent symbol of the young Australian nation.
Andrew, a dad to Daisy, five, and 19-month-old Archy, is fed up trying to reason with the manufacturer.
Our team is working hand-in-hand with our client to make sure the new website achieves the technical requirements and is customized to a look and feel that encourages interaction between the scientific community,” says the company's Senior Vice President for Program Management, James Archy.
Keith defines archy words as those with the lowest average Euclidean distance between successive keys on this grid.
Longtime friends Archy and Nat own Brokeland Records, a hole-in-the-wall record store that specializes in jazz.
Her young son, Archy, was in the back of the car and Lisa and partner Simon Brown endured 20 minutes of agony as they tried to track it down.
THE STORY: In 2004, best friends Archy Stallings and Nat Jaffe own Brokeland Records, an old-school vinyl shop on the border between Berkeley and Oakland.
Archy Stallings is the co-owner of a struggling Oakland record shop.
This novel features Archy Stallings, coowner of a struggling Oakland record shop.
Nat, who was raised by a black stepmother and whose business partner and best friend, Archy Stallings, is also black, winces to hear Moby doing so clumsily what he has devoted his life to doing well: "If you were a white guy living along the edge of blackness all your life," Chabon observes, "the worst thing was somebody around you trying to do the same.
Here, for example, is a sentence where one of the main characters, Archy, is looking up at the sky: