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Noun1.Arcidae - ark shellsArcidae - ark shells        
mollusk family - a family of mollusks
Arca, genus Arca - type genus of the family Arcidae: ark shells and blood clams
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Physiological and molecular response of Anadara tuberculosa (Arcoida: Arcidae) to salinity stress.
In present study, bivalves belonging to families Arcidae, Ostreidae, Pectinidae, Placunidae, Corbiculidae, Psammobiidae, Trapezidae and Veneridae were recorded.
The clam belongs to the family Arcidae, one of a few invertebrate groups that have hemoglobin-containing red hemocytes in the hemolymph.
La familia mas diversa fue Veneridae con 52 especies, seguida por las familias Tellinidae y Mytilidae con 32 especies cada una, Arcidae con 25, Semelidae con 17, Lasaeidae con 15, Mactridae con 14, Chamidae con 12 y Lucinidae con 12; todas estas familias agruparon mas del 50% de las especies registradas.
Each of the families Chamoidea and Arcidae were represented by 3 species.
It is categorized under the kingdom of Animalia, phylum of Mollusca, class of Bivalvia, subclass of Pteriomorphia, order of Arcoida, family of Arcidae, genus of Anadara, and species of granosa [16].
For example, the typical shellfish Arca subcrenata (Scapharca subcrenata), which belongs to the phylum Mollusca, class Bivalvia, suborder Taxodonta, and family Arcidae, has a shallow, buried habitat, living in the sandy mud of shallow seas within a depth of 20 metres.
Concentration of pathogenic bacteria and trace metals in bivalves mollusk Anadara granosa (Bivalvia: Arcidae) harvested from East Java Coast, Indonesia.