Arctic char

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Arctic char

also Arctic charr
An anadromous or freshwater fish (Salvelinus alpinus) of northern and Arctic waters worldwide.

arctic char


arctic charr

(Animals) a char, Salvelinus alpinus, that occurs in northern and arctic seas

arc′tic char′

a salmonid, Salvelinus alpinus, that inhabits arctic lakes and streams throughout the Northern Hemisphere.
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Noun1.arctic char - small trout of northern watersArctic char - small trout of northern waters; landlocked populations in Quebec and northern New England
charr, char - any of several small trout-like fish of the genus Salvelinus
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Wessex Water has worked with Torre Trout Farms to produce a fish that is a cross between a brook trout and an arctic char now known as Spartic Trout and these have been released into the reservoir on the edge of the Quantock Hills ready for the opening day of the season on February 28.
There are plenty of fresh lake fish on the menu, such as a white fish called siika, or the salmon-like Arctic char.
The hatchery uses a fully enclosed, recirculating aquaculture system for the production of Chinook and coho salmon, rainbow trout, and Arctic char.
First time catching and eating Arctic char, first time caribou, muskox .
Planned project activities include capelin habitat modelling and restoration in Placentia Bay and the Bay of Islands, and removal of obstacles to fish passage for Atlantic salmon and Arctic char in Labrador.
Buttery Arctic char, a staple of local diets, gets its tang from briny capers; toasted bread is topped with blue cheese and earthy foraged birch syrup; and grilled squid is served with pickled chili and lemon preserves worthy of the Sicilian countryside.
This was the time of year they net and spear Arctic char for their winter food supply.
He retells the epic 1912 story of Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott; relays the daring first ascent of Hummingbird Ridge on Canada's Mount Logan; and invites the reader to Barter Island, Alaska, where he chases porcupine caribou and cooks Arctic char that's "electric silver in hue with tiny pink spots.
There are cooking lessons embedded in this mix of classic French and family-friendly dishes as well: Soup with Vermicelle uses up all your leftover vegetable bits and salad greens; Arctic Char with Tomato can be cooked by simply covering the pan and allowing steam to do the work; garlic added to the cooking water for mashed potatoes adds flavor; and strawberries and mushrooms can be cut with an egg slicer.
6m on improving its waste water treatment works in Llanberis to prevent further pollution of Llyn Padarn, a Site of Special Scientific Interest and home to the endangered Arctic char fish.
Arctic char, and I have a chunk in front of me, blackened like the faces on the stiff logs, once people, being unloaded from the plane at Baker Lake, in the Northwest Territories, as the area was then called.
Try steamed clams ($18) for starters and follow with pan-seared Arctic char ($28).

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