Arctic penguin

(Zool.) the great auk. See Auk.

See also: Penguin

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He said the company refused to pay out PS168,000 after his boat, Arctic Penguin, sank off the Scottish east coast.
He says that the company refused to pay out PS168,000 after his boat, Arctic Penguin, sank off the Scottish east coast.
Arctic Penguin Plunge Set your own goal about how deep to go and how long to stay in the water.
She has been restored and is now accessible to the public at Inveraray Maritime Museum, alongside the Arctic Penguin, one of the world's last surviving iron sailing ships, and continues to make sailings.
The Maritime Museum on board the 19th Century Arctic Penguin schooner is worth a visit (for info see
STV newsreader Louise White and family head to the Argyll and Cowal peninsula, end up behind bars at Inveraray Jail, travel back in time at the Arctic Penguin Maritime Museum and get to grips with nature at the Cowal Bird Garden.
Inveraray built a monument in memory of its favourite son, Neil Munro, who wrote the tales of master mariner Para Handy, captain of the Clyde puffer the Vital Spark, Para Handy's adventures are also remembered in displays on the Arctic Penguin Maritime Museum aboard a three-masted schooner depicting the horrors of emigrant and slave ships.
The Arctic Penguin is one of the last iron-built sailing ships and it houses exhibits about the history of the sea and the Clyde.
Simon Duncan, prosecuting, said Norris insured a ship called The Arctic Penguin with the firm around 30 years ago, but it sank on January 8, 1998, while moored on the River Clyde, in Scotland.
There's Inveraray Castle, of course, and the Arctic Penguin. The maritime museum has fascinating displays and archive film of the Clyde and west coast waters in their hey-day.
The replica village at Auchindrain Highland Township, south of Inveraray, gives a fascinating insight into Highland life in past times and should interest the whole family, as will the Maritime Museum aboard the Arctic Penguin, moored at Inveraray Pier.
Summary: A UAE desert water park that claims to be a haven for displaced Arctic penguins is stirring controversy.
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