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Noun1.Arctium - burdockArctium - burdock        
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
aster family, Asteraceae, Compositae, family Asteraceae, family Compositae - plants with heads composed of many florets: aster; daisy; dandelion; goldenrod; marigold; lettuces; ragweed; sunflower; thistle; zinnia
burdock, clotbur - any of several erect biennial herbs of temperate Eurasia having stout taproots and producing burs
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In culinary terms, biennial burdock is better known as gobo (Arctium lappa), cultivated for millennia in Japan for its impressively long, starchy taproot.
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In another related study which is aimed at investigating the antiviral activity of a phenylpropanoid dibenzyl-butyrolactone lignan called Arctigenin (ACT), extracted from another Chinese traditional herb named Arctium lappa L.
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