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also Ar·da·bil  (är′də-bēl′)
A city of northwest Iran near the Caspian Sea. It was probably founded in the fifth century ad.
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The Hyrcanian forests stretch across five provinces from Khorasan North in the east to Ardebil in the West.
With 118 hot mineral springs, Ardebil province is the hub of hot springs in Iran.
He made the remarks while visiting the northwestern province of Ardebil.
Junayd militated in Ardebil, which was under the Kara Koyunlu monarch Jahanshah (who ruled Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Iraq-i Arab & Iraq-i Ajam, as well as Fars, Kirman, Sarir and the shores of the Sea of Oman).
According to the official, artists from Hormuzgan, East Azerbaijan, Lorestan and Ardebil have performed on Nowrooz occasion in Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Russia and Turkey in 2015.
Ardebil's drinking water which is placed in North West of this city is supplied from Balkhou River and as this river is exposed to various contaminants, high organic matter is one of the main problems of this treatment plant.
He said during a meeting with economic activists in Ardebil province (northwest Iran) that the total trade exchange between Iran and Iraq has a $ 13 billion a year.
Iran: A 5MW, first-of-its-kind, small-scale geothermal project in Ardebil is receiving a loan of six million dollars.
(2003) and Bigdeli (2010) in the province of Ardebil show that the following factors affect the students' low achievements and failures in English course: Economical and financial problems of the teachers and families, the poor content of the English text books and their neglecting the source language culture, the goals and method of teaching English in Iran which is mostly based on repetition and drilling and teaching the sounds and words in isolation and lack of due attention to the students' interests and capabilities.
Therefore, according to the mentioned issues, the necessity of achieving this research is appeared along with the impact of the spiritual intelligence and organizational social responsibility and hence, the present study aimed at investigating the impact of the spiritual intelligence and social responsibility among the staffs of the small and moderate commercial agencies of Ardebil City.
One hundred pregnant women attending the pregnancy care clinic and midwifery emergency room of Alavi Educational Therapeutic Center in Ardebil, Iran were selected for the study.