n.1.A palm tree (Saguerus saccharifer) which furnishes sago, wine, and fibers for ropes; the gomuti palm.
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As a teenager, Kundy sold newspapers before joining Mother Nature in late 2013 and moving to the Areng Valley through 2015, Gonzalez-Davidson said.
On naidatud, et meie universumi kujunemine ja areng on kasitletav Milne'i kinemaatilise universumi, s.
Tulevase Eesti ja Lati ala varajase kirjaoskuse areng oli mojutatud reformatsioonist ning luterlusest, kus rohutati usukirjanduse lugemise tahtsust.
This recognition truly reinforces the Mississippi Gulf Coast as a world-class fishing destination," says Renee Areng, executive director of Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Sangma, 25 alias Harara, and Telling Sangma, 26, and a civilian cadre Lucas Areng, 18, surerendred before inspector general of police (western range) SS Kynjing .
Where wooden planks made up the floor, areng, a red hardwood, was favored, with a life-span of well over 10 years.
Keskusest aaremaaks: viljelusmajandusliku asustuse kujunemine ja areng Vihasoo-Palmse piirkonnas Virumaal.
If the controversial Areng Valley dam is cancelled, will that put more pressure on developing hydro- electric projects on the Mekong River
Among the grants disbursed by the fund last year $12,500 was for research and conservation of a rare, thought to be extinct dragonfly in Fujairah's Wadi Wurayah; $5000 was offered to help India's fishing cat, an endangered wild cat, that lives in wetlands and feeds on freshwater fish; $15,000 was given to secure the survival of the last wild populations of Australia's rarest desert fish, the red-finned blue eye fish; $12,000 was offered to save another critically endangered species, the siamese crocodile, native of Areng river in Cambodia; and $15,000 was given to ensure the survival of Coccothrinax jimenezii, an extremely rare palm tree, with only 43 trees remaining in Haiti and 18 in Dominican Republic.
Aren has a different name (local name) in each country, namely : Indonesia (aren, ejow, gomuti, kaong); Thailand (tao,chok, kaong); Vietnam (doasc,busng basng); Burma (taung-ong); Lao (Sino-Tibetan) (taw tad); English (arenga palm, sugar palm, sagwine); French (palmier areng, palmier a sucre); German (Zuckerpalme); Italian (palma dello zucchero, palma arenga); Spanish (palma azucarera), Holand (suiker palm), [18].