Arenga pinnata

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Noun1.Arenga pinnata - Malaysian feather palm with base densely clothed with fibersArenga pinnata - Malaysian feather palm with base densely clothed with fibers; yields a sweet sap used in wine and trunk pith yields sago
sago palm - any of various tropical Asian palm trees the trunks of which yield sago
Arenga, genus Arenga - a genus of tropical Asian and Malaysian palm trees
jaggary, jaggery, jagghery - unrefined brown sugar made from palm sap
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Table 1 Sound absorption coefficient (SAC, [alpha]) comparison between OPT natural fiber, Mesocarp fiber, Arenga Pinnata, paddy fiber and date palm fiber.
Date palm fiber and Arenga Pinnata fiber showed a very low absorption rate at a frequency above 3000 Hz compared to OPT fiber.
A study into the characteristics of gomuti (Arenga pinnata) fibre for usage as natural fibre composites.
Sugar Palm (Arenga pinnata (Wurmb) Merr.) for livelihoods and Biodiversity Conservation in the Orang Utan Habitat of Batang Toru, North Sumatra, Indonesia: Mixed Prospects for Domestication.
Kaong trees (Arenga pinnata) are abundant yet underutilized in Indang, as well as in the neighboring towns of Amadeo, Alfonso and Silang, all in upland Cavite.
Brown sugar is a natural sweetener derived from the sap of palm trees, like aren (Arenga pinnata (Wurmb) Merrill), coconut (Cocos nucivera), and siwalan (Borassus flabellifer L).Productivity of sap from the aren (Arenga pinnata (Wurmb) Merrill) was the highest among the sap of coconut (Cocos nucivera), siwalan (Borassus flabellifer L).
The raw material of brown sugar is derived from the sap of palm plants, such as aren (Arenga pinnata (Wurmb) Merrill), coconut (Cocos nucivera), siwalan (Borassus flabellifer L.).
ferrugineus include 40 species of palms (Naturjardins 2013), which include Areca catechu, Arenga pinnata, Borassus flabellifer, Caryota maxima, C.
It was a 3 m (10 feet) long form shaped like a crocodile without legs, covered with black fibers of the aren tree (Arenga pinnata), and surrounded on the ground with fringed leaves of the coconut tree (Photo 10).
ABSTRACT: The applications of different methods (open pan, freeze drying and vacuum evaporation) of Arenga pinnata saps were evaluated.
Characterization of sugar palm (arenga pinnata) fibres: tensile and thermal properties." Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry.