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A sharp, narrow mountain ridge or spur.

[French, from Old French areste, fishbone, spine, from Late Latin arista, awn, fishbone, from Latin, awn.]


(əˈreɪt; əˈrɛt)
1. (Physical Geography) a sharp ridge separating two cirques or glacial valleys in mountainous regions
[C19: from French: fishbone, backbone (of a fish), ridge, sharp edge, from Latin arista ear of corn, fishbone]


(ˌɑr ɪˈteɪ)

the aggregate of qualities making up good character.
[1930–35; < Greek aretḗ]



a sharp rugged mountain ridge produced by glaciation.
[1860–65; < French; Old French areste sharp ridge < Latin arista awn, ear of wheat]
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Noun1.arête - a sharp narrow ridge found in rugged mountainsarete - a sharp narrow ridge found in rugged mountains
ridgeline, ridge - a long narrow range of hills
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On the basis of a production sharing agreement (PSA) on the Turkmen section of the Caspian Sea, ARETI holding has been operating since 2009.
A champion here for the last two years in a row, this will be the first race for Kittel with his new team Katusha-Alpecin, the team created by Igor Makarov, president of Areti International Group of Companies, in 2008.
The artists from Cyprus and Greece who will be our guides into the French Romantic era are Eva Stavrou (Flute), Krinio Troullou (Oboe), Ilias Papadopoulos (Clarinet), Mavroudes Troullos (Bassoon) and Areti Prosilia (Piano).
Igor Makarov, Head of the Areti International Group of Companies (Russia)
Areti Kennedy, Manager ABI TRS, said the transition from hospital to home after an acquired brain injury was a difficult process of adjustment and adaptation.
Such companies as Petronas, Dragon Oil, Buried Hill, RWE Dea AG, Areti (Itera) and Eni have been involved in the exploration work in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea.
The president of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, and the head of the Russian company ARETI, Igor Makarov, discussed the possibility of implementing new mutually beneficial projects.
Eleni S, Dimitrios K, Vaya P, Areti M, Norma V, Magdalini C (2008) Angiotensin-I converting enzyme gene and I/D polymorphism distribution in the Greek population and a comparison with other European populations.
The application to have the case dropped was made by lawyers acting for Areti Charidemou and eight Cypriot companies, who are among the accused and who have already been served the indictment.
Tom was born in Worcester, MA on August 16, 1938, to Areti and Heracles Biliouris.
Lord Mayor's Deputy Coun John Lines, Christoforos Cartoudis, The Lord |Lieutenant of the West Midlands Paul Sabapathy, Mrs Areti Cartoudis and His Excellency The High Commissioner of Cyprus Mr.
But Labros Hydras, 49, his daughter Areti, 10, and son Arion, 6, were unaware of the find's significance - going on to kill it and take it to a local taverna where it was cooked and served with tomato, lemon and lettuce.