Guido d'Arezzo

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Gui·do d'A·rez·zo

 (gwē′dō dä-rĕt′sō) or Guido A·re·ti·no (är′ĕ-tē′nō) 990?-1050.
Benedictine monk and music theorist who devised the four-line staff, thereby allowing precise musical notation.

Guido d'Arezzo

(Italian ˈɡwiːdo daˈrettso)
(Biography) ?995–?1050 ad, Italian Benedictine monk and musical theorist: reputed inventor of solmization

Gui•do d'A•rez•zo

(ˈgwi doʊ dəˈrɛt soʊ)
(Guido Aretinus) ( “Fra Guittone” ), c995–1049?, Italian monk and music theorist.