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A city of central Italy on the Arno River southeast of Florence. It was originally an Etruscan settlement and later a Roman military station and colony.


(əˈrɛtsəʊ; Italian aˈrettso)
(Placename) a city in central Italy, in E Tuscany. Pop: 91 589 (2001). Ancient Latin name: Arretium


(əˈrɛt soʊ)

a city in central Italy. 91,535.
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Contract notice: Open procedure for the conclusion of a framework agreement with several operators on which to base the specific assignments for the provision of the first reception service of foreign nationals requesting international protection and the management of related services in the territory of the province of arezzo.
The AREZZO OUTDOOR COLLECTION by Kwalu offers tables, chairs, and benches for spaces such as sunrooms, gardens, and courtyards.
Under the leadership of its present choirmaster, Mark Anthony Carpio, the group will vie for its third EGP for Choral Singing, after bagging the Grand Prix at the 64th Concurso Internazionale di Guido di Arezzo held in August 2016 in Arezzo, Italy.
Less plentiful are books on smaller towns, and that is what makes Buon Giorno, Arezzo unique.
They detail the city's art and architecture, with emphasis on Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca; premodern Arezzo and its post-World War II history and politics; linguistic aspects and daily life, including the city's sense of identity, business environment, and status as a destination for immigrants; and cultural aspects like music, film, fashion, food, wine, and medieval joust.
Younger sister Millie, aged 16, from Stainsby Grange Equestrian Centre near Stockton-on-Tees, won team gold riding Senator International's 12 year-old bay gelding Senator Cantino II at the FEI Children, Junior and Young Rider European Jumping Championships at Arezzo in Italy.
Competing in both the Gold and Silver Tours at the show in Arezzo, the UK Sport lottery-funded World Class Development rider enjoyed a win in the 1m35 Table A Against the Clock Gold Tour class with Zorland, owned by Michael Whitaker, finishing just ahead of Italy's Biococchi and Swiss rider Schmid.
Banker's own researches have helped to expose the extremely misleading character of Vasari's account of Piero's life and work in Sansepolcro, even though one would expect this part of the biography to be among the most reliable, given the proximity of Sansepolcro to Vasari's native Arezzo.
Suez and ACEA have already joined forces in joint ventures in Tuscany and are currently considering to team up to provide water and sanitation services in Florence, Pisa, Arezzo, Siena and Grosseto.
When divorced Anna, of Arezzo in Italy, received the call on her mobile, she told Pope Francis she wanted the baby baptised but had serious concerns as she is unmarried.
Anna, from Arezzo in Italy, had written to the Pontiff to describe her turmoil about discovering the "man of her dreams" who had made her pregnant was married.
The dead bodies of the two, with a hand gun lying nearby, were discovered overnight in a forest near Arezzo in Tuscany.