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or dog pile (dôg′pīl′, dŏg′-)Slang
1. A heap or cluster of people pressed closely together or piled on top of each other, as in celebration or assault.
2. In football, a heap of players that have leapt or fallen on top of a tackled ball carrier or loose football.
3. An outpouring of like-minded criticisms or retorts in response to something: the latest critic to join the dogpile condemning the new TV season.
4. A deposit of dog excrement.
v. dog·piled, dog·pil·ing, dog·piles or dog piled or dog pil·ing or dog piles
1. To form a dogpile around or on top of: The whole team dogpiled the winning pitcher.
2. In football, to form a dogpile on top of (a ball carrier or loose football).
3. To join in the criticism or condemnation of: angry callers dogpiled the controversial talk-show guest.
1. To form a dogpile.
2. To join in an outpouring of criticism or condemnation: bloggers dogpiling on the proposed legislation.
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