a.1.Pertaining to Argolis, a district in the Peloponnesus.
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Travel to Nafplio and enjoy a bike ride along the coast facing the Argolic Gulf as well as the well-known castles Bourtzi and Palamidi.
They provide flotilla holidays and bareboat yacht charters to qualified skippers with at least one able crew member per boat, and learn-to-sail holidays in the Saronic and Argolic gulfs, the Cyclades Islands and Peloponnese.
Re-embarking on 'Thiaki' the next day, we found that the number of yachts participating in the second week flotilla had risen to 19, and we all sailed off together to discover the beauty of the Argolic Gulf to the south-west.
His wife Hera, on the other hand, may well have been the queen of virgin births, given the regular restoration of her virginity through an annual bathing ritual at a spring called Canathus in Nauplia, a seaport in the Argolic Gulf of the Peloponnesian Peninsula (Pausanias: Description of Greece 2:38.2).
For our study area, currents were not found to be a strong factor, as the Saronic and Argolic Gulfs have primarily wind-generated surface currents (Agouridis 1997), Hence, wind patterns within the ArgoSaronic region are the focus of our attention.
They visited the Palamidi Fortress that loomed over the city, a sweaty climb of one thousand steps to the top and achingly beautiful views of the Argolic Gulf.
It was the first capital of Greece, before Athens, and faces the Argolic Gulf.
For a week last summer I lived above a taverna on a beach overlooking the Argolic Gulf in Greece.
We chose the surf, sail and cycle break in Porto Heli, a small and largely unspoilt town on the Argolic peninsula opposite the island of Spetse.
Lolos' welcome contribution, "The Cypro-Mycenaean Wreck at Point Iria in the Argolic Gulf: First Thoughts on the Origin and the Nature of the Vessel" (pp.
1 SIP an ouzo overlooking the Argolic Gulf where Hercules set off on his labours.
Porto Heli stretches around the head of a large bay at the tip of the Argolic Peninsula, opposite the island of Spetse - about two hours by hydrofoil from Athens or a fairly arduous four-hour bus ride via the Corinth Canal.