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An ancient region of southern Greece in the northeast Peloponnesus, dominated by the city of Argos.


1. (Placename) a department and ancient region of Greece, in the NE Peloponnese. Capital: Nauplion. Pop: 102 392 (2001). Area: 2261 sq km (873 sq miles)
2. (Placename) Gulf of Argolis an inlet of the Aegean Sea, in the E Peloponnese


(ˈɑr gə lɪs)

1. an ancient district in SE Greece.
2. Gulf of, a gulf of the Aegean, in SE Greece. ab. 30 mi. (48 km) long.
Ar•gol′ic (-ˈgɒl ɪk) Ar•go′li•an (-ˈgoʊ li ən) Ar′go•lid,
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Stop-offs - Palamidi Castle, Nafplio, Argolis Region and Peloponnese.
A number of areas are available for exploration, including the Agora of Athens, the isle of Cephalonia, Ithaca, the birthplace of the legendary Odysseus, the Odeon of Athens, the Foloi oak forest, Olympia, the setting of the ancient Olympic games, as well as renditions of several ancient cities, including Naxos, Lesbos, Argolis, Pnyx, Phocis, Sparta and of course, Athens.
This port town is situated in the southeastern part of Argolis, on the coast of the Aegean Sea.
(18) In this respect, the dislocation of the opening setting of the play from the city to the borders of Argolis early signifies its remoteness from the political community of Argos as well as from the center of power.
Karst hydrology in ancient myths from Arcadia and Argolis, Greece.
The port on the Gulf of Argolis in the Peloponnese was Greece's capital city when it first gained independence in the 1830s.
Cephalopoden Stratigraphie der Hallstatter Kalke ata Asklepeion von Epidauros (Argolis, Griechenland).
Parasitoids Regions Plants Aphids A.c A.m Attica V.a.c A.v 82.4 -- (Central Greece) C.s T.a 74.1 22.0 Argolis V.a.c A.v 90.8 0.4 (Southern Greece) C.s T.a 81.9 10.2 Korinthia V.a.c A.v 97.1 -- (Southern Greece) C.s T.a 75.3 10.5 Parasitoids Regions Plants D.r Pv Attica V.a.c -- 3.5 -- (Central Greece) C.s 3.7 -- -- Argolis V.a.c 0.3 -- 2.1 (Southern Greece) C.s 4.8 0.6 -- Korinthia V.a.c -- -- -- (Southern Greece) C.s 14.2 -- -- Parasitoids Total number of Regions Plants E.p specimens Attica V.a.c 14.1 -- 711 (Central Greece) C.s -- 0.2 820 Argolis V.a.c 6.4 -- 796 (Southern Greece) C.s -- 2.6 502 Korinthia V.a.c 2.9 -- 612 (Southern Greece) C.s -- -- 683 TABLE 2.
(16) The Hydra was a monster of the Lernean Marshes in Argolis. It had nine heads and Hercules was sent to kill it.
The curious statement made by a local reporter of the Argolis newspaper on December 2, 1876, that mask NM 624 had no mustache (41) may support the possibility that the mask was "improved" during restoration, (42) but it is very hard to believe that a whole mustache could have been added.