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Darvasi and Fallon developed an ARG called "Blind Protocol" about privacy and surveillance after meeting at a conference years ago.
operator tel prefix args down type parameters GName condition r [member of] GName [?
Identifying correlations between a group of metabolic pathway genes and ARGs is a more comprehensive means for understanding integrative biodatasets.
The presence of ARGs in the different soil samples (Table 5) indicated that these soils represent an under appreciated reservoir of MAR machinery.
coli strains, [10] because they contain the ARB and ARGs, which spread the resistance to opportunistic pathogens, [11] such as E.
That increased awareness is the real payoff for interpretive ARGs.
Additionally, the books and the structure of the ARG within the books can provide ample fodder for youth to be guided by adults, perhaps visiting game designers, in discussions about game mechanics, and then to recreate the structure of the book's ARGs into their own rule system and form of play.
Metagenomic epidemiology is a multi-layered approach that considers the entire microbiotic context for environmental antibiotic resistance by characterizing simultaneously the different levels of microbiome complexity that drive antibiotic resistance including ARGs, genetic vectors, and the species in which these genes occur (Baquero 2012).
To test whether potential local ARG sources are altering the occurrence of ARGs in the environment, DNA is extracted from various soil/streambed sediment samples, then analyzed by standard polymerase chain reactions specific for known tetracycline resistance genes.
Although ARGs have a cultural proximity to video games and films there is nothing in the design or form that limit ARGs only to market these products.
The truth about alternate reality games: ARGs in educational method, ARGs as educational method.
In summary, the CLWP team directed 571 Replenishment At Sea (RAS) events, synchronized 596 port visits, provided support to 48 different SEVENTH Fleet Operations, and developed logistics support plans for 9 CSGs, 6 ARGs, 42 transiting ships, 23 Forward Deployed Naval Force ships, and 17 Coalition Force ships during CYII.