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Noun1.Argynnis - fritillariesArgynnis - fritillaries        
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Nymphalidae, Nymphalidae - large beautifully colored butterflies
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Zaire Ebola virus antibodies in frugivorous (Pteropodidae family) bats from our research, Guinea, Cameroon, and the DRC, 2015-2017, and published studies * Year of study Species Country (reference) Test Casinycteris ophiodon Guinea 2014 (11) ELISA Casinycteris argynnis Gabon, Congo 2003-2008 (13) ELISA C.
Interrelationships and diversification of Argynnis Fabricius and Speyeria Scudder butterflies.
Argynnis (Fabriciana) niobe (Linnaeus, 1758)###29, 32, 31, 33, 35, 34, 36, 45
Other species with the same known behavior are Vanessa c-album (l.), Limenitis camilla (Scudder), Argynnis pandora Schiff., Apatura iris (l.), Satyrus sp.
Among the three new sites added by Austria are the dry meadows of Fliesser Sonnenhange, home to the silver-washed Fritillary butterfly (Argynnis paphia).
The Fritillary - known officially by its Latin name of Argynnis Aglaja - was fluttering above the plant with several other species.