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n. Buddhism
One who has attained enlightenment.

[Sanskrit, from present participle of arhati, he deserves.]

ar′hat·ship′ n.


(Buddhism) a Buddhist, esp a monk who has achieved enlightenment and at death passes to nirvana. Compare Bodhisattva
[from Sanskrit: worthy of respect, from arhati he deserves]


(ˈɑr hət)

a Buddhist who has attained Nirvana. Compare Bodhisattva.
[1865–70; < Skt: meriting respect <arhati (he) merits]
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Noun1.Arhat - a Buddhist who has attained nirvanaArhat - a Buddhist who has attained nirvana
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When the click of his rosary again broke the hush of the inner court where the calm images of the Arhats stand, a novice whispered, Thy chela is here,' and the old man strode forth, forgetting the end of that prayer.
TAKASHI MURAKAMI, THE 500 ARHATS, 2012 (MORI ART MUSEUM, TOKYO) These four eighty-two-foot chromatic murals depicting five hundred Buddhist disciples in various grotesque mutations are visually mesmerizing.
The statue represents a young monk in a moment of meditation; he's possibly one of the 500 arhats, those perfected Buddhist disciples who have gained insight into the true nature of existence.
All these were arhats who had eradicated the influxes.
This would explain why Sakyamuni also appears in the left side corner of the temple surrounded by the sixteen arhats.
Before this, a 16th century Ming dynasty painting Eighteen Arhats by Wu Bin, which fetched 169 million yuan, was the highest amount a Chinese work of art had fetched.
The elders told us in front of the God were two Judges of Hell and their goblin followers and a table for the Judges in Hell, where the soul of a newly passed person are judged, and at the two wings of the shrine the 18 arhats.
Luohans, or arhats, are the enlightened and saintly men who are the Buddha's disciples.
Star-billing on 9 April has to go to Liu Xiaodong's provocative Battlefield Realism: The Eighteen Arhats, made for a show in 2004 curated by the brilliant Cai Guo-Qiang that brought together artists from both Taiwan and China to exhibit together in a bunker on a site that once saw fierce fighting between the two forces.
Geshe Damdul Namgyal, "Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arhats, and Lamas in Buddhism," pp.
The chapter, entitled "Encouragement to Uphold the Sutra," is about a succession of bodhisattvas, arhats, and other people, including the two nuns Mahaprajapati and Yashodhara, who vow before the Buddha that after his death they will continue to teach and spread the sutra far and wide.
Subhuti then agrees that if one were to present such a gift to the Tathagatas (the "thus come ones," the ones who have recovered their original emptiness), the arhats (those free from samsara or the peregrinations of the cycle of rebirth), and the fully enlightened ones, it would produce immeasurable merit.