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Ar·i·an 1

 (âr′ē-ən, ăr′-)
1. Of or relating to Arianism: the Arian heresy.
2. Of or relating to Arius.
A believer in Arianism.

Ar·i·an 2

 (ăr′ē-ən, âr′-)
One who is born under the sign of Aries.

Ar′i·an adj.


(Theology) of, relating to, or characterizing Arius or Arianism
(Theology) an adherent of Arianism
adj, n
(Peoples) a variant spelling of Aryan


(ˈɛər i ən, ˈær-)

1. of or pertaining to Arius or Arianism.
2. an adherent of Arianism.
[1525–35; < Late Latin]


a suffix forming personal nouns corresponding to Latin adjectives ending in -ārius or English adjectives or nouns ending in -ary (librarian; proletarian); subsequently productive in English with other Latinate stems, forming nouns denoting a person who supports, advocates, or practices a doctrine, theory, etc., associated with the base word: authoritarian; vegetarian.
[< Latin -āri(us) or -ary + -an1]


A. ADJarriano
B. Narriano/a m/f


2 (Astrol)
nWidder m; to be an ArianWidder sein
References in classic literature ?
(such as were in ancient times the Arians, and now the Armenians), though they work mightily upon men's wits, yet they do not produce any great alterations in states; except it be by the help of civil occasions.
Kabul has revoked the license of the Iran-linked Arian Bank due to "grave violations," a spokesman for Afghanistan's Central Bank told Arab News on Monday.
Global Banking News-May 20, 2019--Afghan authorities ban Arian Bank
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 20, 2019--Afghan authorities ban Arian Bank
Roedd gweithgareddau codi arian, a gafodd eu cynnal gyda chefnogaeth Awyr Las, elusen y GIG yng Ngogledd Cymru, yn cynnwys taith gerdded tim o amgylch Llyn Brenig a nosweithiau cerddoriaeth Soul i godi arian gan Mandy Roberts.
Dr Waheed Arian has been awarded the Rotary International Peace Award for setting up Arian Teleheal, a charity that uses smart phones, Skype and other technology to put off-duty hospital specialists in Britain, Europe and the United States in touch with doctors working in places like Afghanistan and Syria.
Y Ty Arian S4C, 8pm Yn rhaglen ola'r gyfres, byddwn yn croesawu'r teulu Davies o Waunfawr, ger Caernarfon i'r Ty Arian.
PNF president Muddassar Arian told that all arrangements have been completed for the tournament.
Though she is fed and clothed and given a bed to sleep in, she is attracted to two older boys at the shelter, Schamhan and Arian, who convince her to run away with them.
Arian EMS was launched in August by the former managing director of electronics company Infoteam, Malcolm Humble.
Arian Silver made the deal through its Mexican subsidiary CompaA[+ or -]A-a Minera Estrella De Plata SA de CV.