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Ar·i·an 1

 (âr′ē-ən, ăr′-)
1. Of or relating to Arianism: the Arian heresy.
2. Of or relating to Arius.
A believer in Arianism.

Ar·i·an 2

 (ăr′ē-ən, âr′-)
One who is born under the sign of Aries.

Ar′i·an adj.
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(Theology) of, relating to, or characterizing Arius or Arianism
(Theology) an adherent of Arianism
adj, n
(Peoples) a variant spelling of Aryan
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(ˈɛər i ən, ˈær-)

1. of or pertaining to Arius or Arianism.
2. an adherent of Arianism.
[1525–35; < Late Latin]


a suffix forming personal nouns corresponding to Latin adjectives ending in -ārius or English adjectives or nouns ending in -ary (librarian; proletarian); subsequently productive in English with other Latinate stems, forming nouns denoting a person who supports, advocates, or practices a doctrine, theory, etc., associated with the base word: authoritarian; vegetarian.
[< Latin -āri(us) or -ary + -an1]
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A. ADJarriano
B. Narriano/a m/f
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2 (Astrol)
nWidder m; to be an ArianWidder sein
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(such as were in ancient times the Arians, and now the Armenians), though they work mightily upon men's wits, yet they do not produce any great alterations in states; except it be by the help of civil occasions.
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Arians and vandals of the 4th-6th centuries; annotated translations of the historical works by Bishops Victor of Vita (Historia Perseccuitionis Africanae Provinciae) and Victor of Tonnena (Chronicon), and of the religious works by Bishop Victor of Cartenna (De Paenitentia) and Saints Ambrose (De Fide Orthodoxa contra Arianos), and Athanasius (Expositio Fidei).
On the other side, approval was voiced by such as Clement (Stromata 7.11), Basil (On the Holy Spirit 18.45), Athanasius (Against the Arians 3.5), Gregory Nazianzenus (Against Julian 1.80), the pseudo-Dionysius (On the Divine Names 1.4), and the Council in Trullo of 692.
According to the BoS, Taureans were more likely than any other sign to take out a loan while Arians were likely to borrow the largest sums.
The Arians refused, and remained in Alexandria after their excommunication and banishment "stirring up trouble." There was street fighting between gangs supporting Arius and gangs supporting Alexander.
The Arian tenets varied from time to time and also among their different sections.
"I think when football teams bond together and put egos aside, some call it chemistry, teams that go to the Super Bowl, honest to God care about each other," interim coach Bruce Arians said yesterday during a conference call from Indianapolis.