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n.1.See Ahriman.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The second scene is a symbolic portrayal of the three parties outlined above (capitalists, bureaucrats, the proletariat) through the characters used in anthroposophic teaching: Lucifer, Ariman, and Christ, two forces of evil and one force of good.
Ariman, "On the stresses around a circular hole in micropolar elasticity," Acta Mechanica, vol.
A detailed study on the applications of micro continuum fluid mechanics has been accessed by Ariman et al.
In the conducted research of Ariman (2007), difference in the bullying behaviors of students wasn't figured out according to educational status of mother.
Buna gore "bu kampanyanin hedefi Avrupa Gencligine Avrupa'nin Politik bir yapisinin tesekkulune olan ihtiyac ve acelenin anlatilmasi ve onlarin bu sulh ve inkisaf eserine katilmalarinin teminidir." 1952'de Kampanya'nin sekreterligini devralan Orhan Ariman imzali anket, Turk gencliginden "Avrupa Gencligi" diye bahseden diliyle iddiali bir sekilde Avrupacidir.
Ariman et al [2, 3] reviewed the research under taken in the field of applications.